At A Later Date is a live punk-rock Joy Division song, the third song featuring on Side A of the compliation album Short Circut: Live at the Electric Circus. The song and 7 others were recorded live at the Electric Circus held in Manchester, from October 1-2 1977, two days before it closed. Back then, the bands name was originally Warsaw. But at the dawn of 1980, they changed it to Joy Division. So you can say this was the earliest Joy Division song, even though the EP An Ideal For Living was released 13 days before.


Why must we be put down when we try to get away?
Why must we all grow up when we could just play and play?
Good things in life are free - can't buy everything, that's true
Only one thing wrong with that - what it don't buy I don't use.

Only thing I'm thinking of is "Why are we all here?"
There must be more to do at nights than drinking rotten beer
The world's a very shady place, and you can't trust a soul
"Grin and bear it" seemed the thing, when it just gets a hold
At a later date, it might come out a fright
At a later date, I hope that you're alright.

Human beings are dangerous and they call me in the dark
But everything gets twice as cold in marching for a lark
There's loads of things I'd like to do if I could find the time
Working really tires me and I think I'll turn to crime
At a later date, I hope they start it soon
At a later date, before we hit the moon.

I just can't be bothered to make an effort here at all
People make you feel your contributions are too small
I just can't be bothered to make an effort here at all
People make you feel your contributions are too small
At a later date, I'll be awful great
At a later date, someone somewhere blew it
At a later date, at a later date.
Joy Division - At A Later Date03:09

Joy Division - At A Later Date

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