Blue Monday (808 State remix) is a remix by the band 808 State by New Order.

Live at the Hacienda

The Hacienda asked the band 808 State to come and play at the Hacienda in 1988. So 808 State made a short Blue Monday mix, and went over to the Hacienda and DJ'ed there on Hacienda Hot Nights. The remix, which was saved on vinyl, was lost for many years...


..until a guy called Sean Booth asked Graham Massey, the lead of 808 State, to dig through his old archive in 2004. They found it, and Rephlex Records, the same records that Aphex Twin is on, released it on vinyl.

The Haçienda- Blue Monday (808 State Remix)03:36

The Haçienda- Blue Monday (808 State Remix)

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