Exercise One is a song by Joy Division. It was originally broadcasted on BBC radio by John Peel on Feburary 1979, which appeared on the 1986 The Peel Sessions. A recorded came out on the compilation album Still. It has also appeared in The Peel Sessions (compilation album), Heart and Soul, and The Best of Joy Division (bonus CD only). It may bear a relation to Day of the Lords.


When you're looking at life,
In a strange new room,
Maybe drowning soon,
Is this the start of it all?
Turn on your TV,
Turn down your pulse,
Turn away from it all,
It's all getting too much.

When you're looking at life,
Deciphering scars,
Just who fooled who,
Sit still in their cars,
The lights look bright,
When you reach outside,
Time for one last ride,
Before the end of it all.
Joy Division - Exercise One (Remaster)03:07

Joy Division - Exercise One (Remaster)

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