Lonesome Tonight is a song by New Order, B-side to Thieves Like Us. It has been played 29 times live. The lyrics end at 2:54 and the same guitar played rhythm continues for the rest of the song. A clip of Bernard Sumner spitting is inserted in the song.

With similarities to the arrangement and to the title, Lonesome Tonight is a happier rendition of In a Lonely Place.


I walk along the street
I look into your eyes
I'm pleasant when we meet
I'm there when you go home
How many times before
Could you tell I didn't care?
When you turned your back on me
I knew we'd get nowhere
Do you believe in youth
The history of all truth
A heart that's left at home
Becomes a heart of stone

The lies we told of youth
A cause we call our own
Beside an empty throne
How many times before
Could you tell I didn't care?
When you reached out in your sleep
And you knew I wasn't there
My eyes are made of stone
Just like your sordid home
How many times before
Did you leave my soul alone?
New Order-Lonesome Tonight05:16

New Order-Lonesome Tonight

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