Not to be confused with 586.

Video 586 or
Video 5 8 6 New Order

Cover sleeve

'Prime 586 is a 22-minute electronic instrumental by New Order. It was created in 1982 as a request from Factory Records, to play at the Hacienda. They also gave it to Touch Music's cassette magazine. Touch Music decided much later in 1997 to send it out as a single. They put it on CD's and 12". The B-side for the 12" version is the original  "As You Said" by Joy Division.

"Video 586" is an early version of 586. Similar rhythms apperar on Everything's Gone Green, Blue Monday and Ultraviolence.

Track listing

CD version

Video 586 - 22:23

12" version

Side 1: Video 586 - 22:23

Side 2: As You Said - 2:01

New Order - Video 586-122:24

New Order - Video 586-1

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